How to Hang Wallpaper - Video Instructions

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Hanging wallpaper is simple, hanging non-woven wallpaper is even simpler. All of our wallpaper murals are produced in non-woven material and this guide will show you, step by step, how it works. Follow this guide and you will achieve great results.

Before you begin

  • Make sure the wall is dry, clean and smooth without any old loose wallpaper or flakes of paint.
  • Remember, very absorbent surfaces should be sized and given a prime coating to produce an even colour-effect. 
  • Check that the wallpaper and measurements correspond with what you ordered. Sometimes a very wide wallpaper may have two separate rolls. The hanging instructions are printed on the first section on the roll. Cut this off and carefully read the instructions before you begin. 
  • Cut each strip off the roll where indicated by the scissor symbols. Line the strips up in the right order from left to right. This makes it easier when you hang the wallpaper. Each strip is marked with a number. 
  • It is essential to hang the first strip perfectly straight. Use a pencil to mark out the edge of the strip, then hold a plumb line against the pencil mark and draw a straight vertical line slightly wider than the actual strip. This line ensures that your first strip is hung straight. 
  • Paste carefully in corners, along skirting boards and the ceiling. Roll the paste on to the wall covering about one and a half strip widths. It is important to apply the correct amount of paste.

You are now ready to start hanging the wallpaper

  • Begin with the first strip. Check the number printed on the strip. Always work from left to right. Align the first strip with the pencil line that you drew on the wall. Use a smoothing tool to press the wallpaper to the wall and remove any air bubbles. Use smooth vertical strokes. Don’t get paste on the tools. Make sure the strip is pasted down along all the edges. 
  • Cut off excess wallpaper and wipe away any paste residue. It’s important to use a very sharp razor knife to avoid tearing the paper. 
  • Then continue with the second strip. Try not to get paste on the front of the wall mural as you are lifting it towards the wall. It’s very important to align the left hand edge with the previous strip before pressing and smoothing the wallpaper on to the wall. 
  • Gently press the second strip to the edge of the first to ensure there is no gap. Then remove any excess paste using the damp sponge that has been lightly run out. It’s important to remove paste straight away to prevent stains on the front of the wall mural. 
  • Then continue working along the wall. 


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