How to properly dampen a sponge - DIY

Create: 03/03/2016 - 07:06
a painter is holing a sponge demonstrating how to control it's properly damped when hanging wallpaper

Now that you have found the perfect wallpaper mural for your home or office, you need to know how to hang the wallpaper.

Hanging wallpaper is easy and includes only a few simple steps. In this guide we will explain in detail how you properly dampen the sponge when hanging your wallcovering. Follow these simple steps to attain the best possible results.

  1. Start with a cellulose sponge and a bucket of water.
  2. Understand that too little or too much water can actually damage the wallpaper.
  3. Dip the sponge in the water and gently wring out any excess water.
  4. To make sure you have just the right amount of water in your sponge, let the sponge drip slightly into the bucket.
  5. Now you can use the damp sponge to apply the wallpaper and remove any extra paste.
  6. Continue to dampen your sponge as it begins to dry out while you are installing the rest of the wallpaper.

To see firsthand how to dampen the sponge properly, visit our helpful YouTube channel. You can also visit our FAQ page for additional information.

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