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slide the finger through the paste to control that you have applied the correct amount the hanging wallpaper

When you choose the perfect wall covering, you want to learn the proper way to hang it so that it looks great and remains securely in place.

Wallpapering can be a tricky procedure. Applying too much paste will create a sticky mess. Not hanging the covering correctly may end with an uneven appearance that falls down quickly. For perfect results, here is a step-by-step guide to teach you how to calculate and control the correct amount of applied paste.

  • Before starting, you must make sure the wall is completely clean, dry, and smooth.
  • Measure the height and width of the wall. Add an additional two inches around the wallpaper for cutting.
  • Hanging instructions are usually printed on the first roll of paper and should be carefully read.
  • Cut each strip where indicated and line them in the correct order.
  • To make sure the first strip is hung perfectly straight, you must mark the end of the strip and draw a straight vertical line down the wall, which is slightly wider than the strip.
  • Paste carefully in corners and around the perimeter on the wall so that no places are missed.
  • Roll the paste onto the wall approximately one and one-half strips wide.
  • To test the amount of paste applied, slide your finger through it. Too little paste will show no trace of your finger path. Too much will leave a clear view of where you moved your finger. The correct amount will only leave a trail of a path.
  • To begin hanging the paper, begin on the left and work right.


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