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It´s ironic that one of the strongest design trends of our times involves proudly displaying materials that once went out of our way to conceal.

The naked truth. Steel, brickwork, plaster, copper – with a visual dynamic that is as much function as it is fashion, the industrial trend exudes a genuine feeling, convincing our hearts and minds that we are witnessing a type of naked truth. In worn out lines and surfaces we see something that has been made to endure and reach across to time. Minimalist in nature, the utilitarian earthiness of this trends has proved to be as enduring as the period and the objects it so obviously treasure. Keep it simple and use wall murals to get the rough industry style in your room. 


Ageing rusty plate capturing for a true rough industrial effect. 

Copper plates from the Art Gallery in Lund, Sweden.

Concrete wall painted in green

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Mr Perswall is a Swedish company which manufactures and designs excellent quality wallpapers for personal walls since 2006.
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