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Whats for dinner?

Pancakes, meatballs or cake? Kids love to cook in a proper kitchen and this is really something for the next upcoming little master chef. Sofie Nyberg, the creator of this little kitchen is the person behind @svartvitrandig, a talented interior junky in love of black and white colors. Read further for her DIY tips!

You don't have to wallpaper a big area to make a great effect. Sofie chose the wallpaper "White tiles" from Mr Perswall and downsized the pattern, since small tiles looked better and more realistic in this little kitchen. Our Design studio can help you with any questions regarding making changes to existing wallpapers.

The fridge is made of two plastic cabinets, Lejen from IKEA. On to those Sofie glued silver letters and transformed it to a retro Smeg fridge. She also added some paint to the kitchen (also from IKEA), for a personal touch. We just love those creative ideas,  you don't have to be a pro to do it yourself!


From @svartvitrandig kitchen. Wallpaper Mr perswall white tiles

Black and white done just right!

When you never wants to go out of style, choose black and white. A black and white background makes it easy to add a specific color to make a playful effect. When you get bored, just change the color.  More black and white inspiration can you find on Mr Perswall Pinterest.

The "White Tile" wallpaper mural are also decorating the walls in Sofie's main kitchen. It gives the kitchen a cool clean and raw feeling. To a minimum of effort can you create a very realistic look. 

A selection of our tiled wallpaper murals:

Wallpaper pattern white tiles from Mr Perswall

The classic styled "White tile" with 15x15cm tiles. For those who love that big contrast and a sharp, clean look. Retro, modern, industrial... A tiled wall goes well with most styles.

Wallpaper pattern white tiles yellow joint from Mr Perswall





News in the shop! A new member of the tiles family. A sunny happy yellow tile brings the sun into the kitchen. Go with this yellow color if you want to boost your walls with energy.  You can also choose your favorite color on the joint. Let our design studio help! 



Wallpaper pattern white tiles grey joint from Mr Perswall


News in the shop! A grey tile is a choice for those who prefer a softer look. Gray joint to the white tiles is much more relaxing to look at. The tiles are in size 10x20cm.






Want some more tiles? Se our selection of tiled wallpaper here


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