Dare to go darker!

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Inspiration could come from many different places and times in history. In the making of the pattern "Dark Floral", our designers looked back in time and got inspired by the old dutch flower paintings, by artists as Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder, Jan van Huysum, and Rachel Ruysch. 

What special about their paintings is the dark background and with lots of highly detailed flowers and insects. Dramatic and beautiful!

Rachel Ruysch paintingA long time ago, in the 1600th century, big dutch painters as Rachel Ruysch fell in love with painting flowers on dark backgrounds. The paintings were very detailed and often contained big, dramatic flowers and insects.

This way of painting got very high fashion at that time, but years passed and trends come and go. Today we don't see much of those paintings on the walls... Until now! We have dug into this beautiful artwork and designed our own modern floral painting, the "Dark Floral". But we think you should dress a whole wall instead of a small picture.

To the left, you see a typical painting of Rachel Ruysch (3 June 1664 - 12 August 1750) 

The dark colored wallpaper patterns are getting more and more popular.  After decades of white walls, we are longing to add more personality and colour to our homes. So dare go for darker walls and give your home a dramatic and beautiful look. 

Mr Perswall Dark Floral wallpaperThe Dark Floral wallpaper pattern looks stunning in this dining room. See the wallpaper here



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