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Derek Prospero designer

“Blasts from the Past” is a mixed-media collage that combines nature, technology and fantasy. Using high-resolution scans of dry tree bark, I added scans of vintage comics with many hand-painted details. I especially enjoy the old advertising details for silly toys like x-ray glasses. This was such a fun project to work on, that I also created this video that shows a glimpse into the process." -says designer Derek Prospero

The "Blast from the Past", seen in Video above, are one of 20 new patterns in our new collection "Underground". An urban unique collection with inspiration from both industrial, worn out surfaces and neon-coloured graffiti, all from places, often neglected and ignored. Sometimes the most beautiful things are where you least expect them to be, and all of these patterns has its own story.

Where did you find inspiration to "Underground"?

“When you are walking through the streets of New York City, the temptation is to look up. There is so much majesty in the skyline and architecture, it can be easy to ignore what is below. But if you look closely, there is an exciting history to be found - in the walls of a subway tunnel, in the spray-painted corridors, in the layers upon layers of posted bills. This collection is a series of collages inspired by the terrain - and sub-terrain - of New York City's public transport network.”

The pattern "Blast from the past" is a mixed media work. Tell us more about this technique.

“ I enjoy combining physical and digital techniques, as well as exploring the contrasting themes of our surroundings and technology. Working with collage is a fantastic way of expressing the depth, emotion, and intensity of these. For this collection, collage ideally conveyed the pop-culture deconstructions and feeling of aesthetic decay I was trying to capture.” 

Tell us something about you work with structures and textures.

"I have always had an appreciation for textures and the way things become weathered and worn. I feel like they tell a story, waiting to be discovered. Over the years I have invested in equipment to help capture small details that I find interesting in the world. Most of all, I am just grateful to be a working artist in the world, and for every opportunity to share my work with those who find it interesting.

We sure think Derek Prospero's work is both interesting and inspiring and we are very proud of this collaboration. See all wallpaper designs in the "Underground" collection.


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